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Elegance and style: selecting your wallpaper by room

Walldreamer offers you a comprehensive guide to help you choose the perfect wallpaper for every style of interior. Discover our decorating tips to create a unique atmosphere in every room of your home.

Wallpaper ideas for this summer : dress up your home in summer colours!

Summer is fast drawing near, bringing sunshine, warmth and a desire for renewal. And what better way to freshen up your interior decoration than with a trendy wallpaper? 

Wallpaper trends : 2024 colours to liven up your home

What colours are the big draws for wallpaper this year? What are the trends that will bring our interiors to life? In 2024, let's explore the world of trendy wallpaper shades, where each colour choice tells a unique story.

Create your personalized, unique, and bespoke wallpaper

Customize your wallpaper with WallDreamer and create a space that truly reflects you. Resize, print your own images, or tweak our designs for a unique wall decor. Bring your ideas to life today! ?

Wallpaper to Energize Your Entryway: Tips and Benefits

Explore how to choose and utilize wallpaper to transform your home's entryway. Our article presents trendy ideas to energize your welcoming space, from geometric patterns to floral designs to textured wallpapers. By following our advice, create a memorable and aesthetic first impression right at your doorstep.

Wallpaper trends in 2024

Wallpaper, an essential element of wall decoration, reinvents itself in 2024. More colorful, more daring, it takes its inspiration from nature with organic and floral designs, while adopting geometric designs and the return of stripes for a contemporary touch.

All you need to know about non-woven wallpaper

WallDreamer will give you all the tools you need to renovate your home and save money at the same time.

Wallpaper in the 20th Century: A Journey through Artistic Styles

Wallpaper, as a decorative element, has withstood the test of time, incorporating the influences of various artistic movements. The 20th century, rich in creative diversity, saw the emergence of multiple artistic currents that profoundly influenced the design and production of wallpaper, generating innovative and unique aesthetics.

Discover or rediscover bespoke wallpaper

As trendy as it is fashionable, wallpaper decorates your walls to match your decorating desires. That's why we offer you personalised wallpaper, or in other words, bespoke wallpaper.

The era of digital printing for wallpaper

Digital printing has opened up exciting new prospects for wallpaper, bringing with it a series of undeniable advantages.