Installation guide

Our installation guide: How to apply your wallpaper

I. Essential steps to a successful installation

How to hang your wallpaper? The question most people ask.

Before you begin the installation process, take the time to familiarise yourself with these crucial steps. While we recommend hiring professionals, we understand your desire to install your WallDreamer wallpaper yourself. With the right tools and attention to detail, installing a wallpaper can be an accessible task.

Discover our quick and easy guide in text and video.

II. Essential tools for a hassle-free installation

Gather the tools you need for smooth, precise installation:

Wallpaper adhesive for non-woven or vinyl wallpaper : We recommend using Quelyd glue, available on our website or from major decorating retailers. Follow the preparation instructions and observe the water-to-glue ratio indicated. Stir the glue gradually into a bucket of water using a spatula to avoid lumps.

Bucket & Wooden Spatula : Prepare the adhesive mixture in a bucket using a wooden spatula.

Lead Wire / Laser Level / Spirit Level : These tools are essential for positioning the first strip accurately.

Cutter & Ruler : Use a sharp cutter and a ruler to cut and fit the strips, ensuring clean edges.

Stepladder : Make sure you have a sturdy stepladder to access high areas.

Glue Brush : Apply the adhesive directly to the wall using a glue brush.

Smoothing tool : Use a smoothing tool to apply the wallpaper evenly and eliminate air bubbles.

Lightly dampened sponge : Quickly wipe off any excess glue to prevent it from drying.

Pencil and measuring tape : Use these tools to mark guidelines and measure strips accurately.

Small brush : Use a small brush for detailed touch-ups where the larger brush cannot reach.

Wallpaper Joint Roller : Flatten the joints and improve adhesion for perfect alignment.

III. The 7-step wallpaper installation process

Follow these seven steps for a flawless installation :

Precise cuts : Cut the strips along the lines marked on the roll.

Sequential installation : Lay out the numbered strips in the order in which they are to be installed.

Even application of the glue : Apply the glue evenly to the wall using a roller, ensuring complete coverage.

Positioning the first panel : Place the first panel along a vertical line drawn with a pencil, using a plumb line, spirit level or laser level for straight alignment.

Gentle application : Start at the top and work your way down, using a wallpaper brush to smooth and eliminate air bubbles.

Perfect Alignment : Position the following strips following the alignment of the pattern, ensuring edge-to-edge placement with no overlap.

Finishing touches : Once all the strips have been installed, cut off the excess paper at the top and bottom using a metal ruler and a sharp cutter or scissors. Leave for around 24 hours for the adhesive to dry in a well-ventilated room.

IV. Video Tutorial : Wallpaper Installation Made Easy

Discover the installation process live with our comprehensive video tutorial, which will guide you through each step for a successful installation.